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It's a sad truth... but audio tapes suffer just as badly as video tapes - and when you consider how brittle and fragile all those old 45's and 33's you've got tucked away are... you reall need to be talking to Copy Catz sooner rather than later.

Audio mixerLike with the video's, films and photos... think what will happen to those old recordings you made when you were a teenager - planning on being the next Seekers or the next Genesis... the days when you knew you could play and sing like angels (or demons... your choice!). Recordings like that bring a smile to our faces nowdays - if we can still find them and they play cleanly - and you'd like to be able to hand them down to the next generation for posterity, wouldn't you?

RecordsWe can take the music you supply us and transfer it to CD for you, with up to 70 minutes per CD. It doesn't matter whether it's cassette, 45's, 33's, 78's or even reel-to-reel tape - they can all be converted.

So - if you want to be able to play those old recordings - or keep your old record collection going in a new format without spending years and a fortune trying to track down the CD versions... if they've even been rereleased - you need to give us a call now on 04 905 2245 and let us know what you require.

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Please remember that under the 'fair use' doctrine, you are legally entitled to make one backup copy of an audio recording that you have purchased. It's intended for personal use only and cannot be resold, hired or used in any way that breaks any existing or future copyright legislation. If you need advice on how this affects you, please contact us for advice.

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