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From a young age Marilyn became involved in the development and alteration of logic boards for the entertainment industry which lead to a love of the precise and technical aspects and strict attention to detail.

After graduating University with a Master of Science Degree in Developmental Zoology and Genetics Marilyn decided to diversify into computing and eventually set up her own company specialising in providing clients with a ‘virtual’ answer to their secretarial requirements. Soon she decided to purchase a clients company dealing mostly with Council’s throughout NZ, a company she continues to operate.

MarilynAfter having children, both interested in the performing arts, Marilyn decided to combine her love of videography with skills she had picked up over the years, and filmed and edited her children’s productions, and those of their friends, offering them to friends and family with continual high praise.

Brian comes from a highly technical background in the Telecommunications and IT industry having worked for a number of companies throughout NZ.

Brian is a qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineer with extensive international experience in all aspects of the telecommunications and broadcast industry.

Video editingWith prior knowledge of video and sound systems, Brian can set up events to maximise the entertainment aspects and therefore provide any client with a true and accurate representation of performances.

After Brian and Marilyn became partners, Copy Catz Video Editing Ltd evolved specialising in the transfer of all types of video and audio media to CD/DVD and the filming of children’s productions and events in the wider local area.

Both Brian and Marilyn combine skills in videography and editing using voice-overs, transitions, titling and a myriad of other techniques to exceed the client’s expectations regarding their duplications and/or video productions.

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