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Professional Video Editing and Production.

Digital video switcherAt some stage you're going to want to show your clients what you're talking about - or to show your staff how to do something - and at times like that, having a professionally produced video is going to save the day!

Copy Catz can help with all this - from the initial planning, the shooting, the editing and the final presentation of the finished product.

Most people will tell you you just need to point a camera and press 'record' - and that's it. They're wrong!

The difference between what that approach gets you and what you'll get from Copy Catz is the difference between a garden shed mockup and a successful product that's doing rather well!

If you're not a business though - don't worry! The service is equally available to you! If you need to put together a record of a school production or a family event - a wedding, a christening, a 21st birthday party or similar - Copy Catz will do an equally professional job for you.

It's what we do!

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