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Film and Video Archiving and Transfer.

Did you realise just how fragile your film and video is?

Video copyingIt's true - film looses colour and cracks over time... and video tapes can get chewed by the player as well as just fade away into static... - and these are your memories and your family's memories.

Maybe it's not important to you now... but what about your grandkids - or even your kids...? Don't they deserve the chance to see what their elders got up to? The chance to flesh out their own memories of their own childhoods?

Old film and videoWhat about when they say to you... 'You couldn't possibly have done that! It never happened!'... and because you didn't pick up the phone and call Copy Catz for help... you'll never be able to prove it to them?

Even those times when you fancy a short trip down memory lane and there's nothing left on the video tape or the old film?

Those are the reasons for calling Copy Catz and getting help with preserving all those old memories before they're gone forever!

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The formats we currently handle are:

Mini-DV, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C and Beta

8mm, Super8 and 16mm (Silent or sound)

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